Design Ecology is more than a landscape architecture firm. In addition to design, we provide the highest quality construction services available. As Genesis 3 design group gold members & with two APSP certified building professionals on staff, Design Ecology is capable of completing the most complex landscape and swimming pool installations.

Regardless of the phase of the project, either design or construction, it is the attention to detail that sets Design Ecology apart.

Design Process

  • Conceptual Planning

The design process begins with the preparation of a conceptual plan that will illustrate the overall project goals, general layout, spatial relationships, and circulation patterns of the overall design. This conceptual plan is very often a color rendering that will help to highlight the potential within a project site.

  • CAD Working Drawings

With direction from the client, conceptual plans are refined to show greater detail and to finalize materials, dimensions, and many other details of the project. At this point a CAD drawing is produced to ease further refinement and reproduction of the plans.

  • Hydraulic Layouts & Construction Details

A plan is finalized with the production of construction documents. These CAD drawings illustrate the project in great detail so that our vision can be implemented in the construction phase of the project.


During construction our design staff and builders work closely with the client to ensure every detail of the project is delivered with design intent in mind. The careful planning of each project ensures that we can execute an efficient schedule while reducing waste. This is not only ecologically friendly but it helps reduce overall project cost. Design Ecology uses only the most skilled artisans as well as in house labor to deliver craftsmanship to each project that is unrivaled.